Selected Film Interviews, Podcasts and Talks

KAG Artist Talk
This artist’s talk with Kelly Richardson was offered online via Zoom on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, in support of her exhibition, Halcyon Fog, curated by Charo Neville, Curator, Kamloops Art Gallery. This solo exhibition presents a view into Richardson’s longstanding exploration of our relationship to nature, and how this relates to climate change. Her work asks us to consider what we truly value and where we might go from here. 


KAG | Kelly Richardson: Halcyon Fog
“This is a timely exhibition…it makes you think. What is the most important thing here? Why are we on Earth? Why are we doing the day to day things? If there isn’t an Earth one day, what did we do [these things] for? What are we doing everybody?” Curator Charo Neville in conversation with Midday

CBC Radio visits Halcyon Fog at Kamloops Art Gallery

by CBC Radio

Attenborough Art Centre Podcast

by AAC, NGC and Kelly Richardson | Art Week Special with Kelly Richardson discussing ‘Mariner 9’, her practice and future plans

CBC Arts
Richardson’s work may prompt you to consider how we relate to nature as a species and to consider what the future may look like if we don’t choose a different path. In this video made by filmmaker Lisa Wu, you’ll travel to the forest with Richardson and get to see her at work making the landscape come alive in Embers and the Giants. The film was commissioned to participate in the XL Outer Worlds project celebrating the 50th anniversary of IMAX. 


Houston Cinema Arts Festival: Kelly Richardson interview
Artist Kelly Richardson speaks about the Moon Shot Exhibition Walk Through. She shares her aspirations as an artist, what inspires her, and the story behind the artwork. Filmed on Sunday, November 17th, 2019

DCA | Kelly Richardson: The Weather Makers
Richardson discusses her recent solo exhibition The Weather Makers at DCA (Dundee, Scotland), including Pillars of Dawn (2015-2018), Orion Tide (2013-2014), Mariner 9 (2012) and Leviathan (2011).

Tyneside Cinema | Artist in Residence
Filmed in 2012 during the premiere installation of Mariner 9, the artist discusses the commission with Northern Stars.

Grundy Art Gallery | Kelly Richardson: Legion
From 2012-2014 Kelly Richardson had her first survey exhibition entitled Legion featuring 15 years of video installations. This video interview was conducted during the installation of Legion at Grundy Art Gallery (UK), one of 5 tour venues including Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art (UK), Towner (UK), Albright-Knox Art Gallery (USA) and CAG Vancouver (Canada).

CVAN Artist Films 2011 | Kelly Richardson
Richardson discusses her recent commission and residency at Artpace San Antonio with Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art’s Alessandro  Vincentelli.

Modern Empire | Kelly Richardson
An interview with Kelly Richardson at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland ahead of the opening on 4th July 2012 of her solo exhibition, Legion. Richardson describes Orion Tide, a work originally commissioned by National Glass Centre, Sunderland, and Orion Tide (Edition) I & II, a pair of limited edition prints published by Modern Empire. Includes the track ‘Farne’ by Divine Bear. Produced by Lutra Films for Modern Empire.

Culture Code | Kelly Richardson
Filmed in 2012, Kelly Richardson gives an overview of her work for Thinking Digital’s Culture Code Boutique.

Tyneside Cinema’s Northern Stars | Kelly Richardson
Northern Stars interviews Kelly Richardson during her residency at Tyneside Cinema in 2011 and initial research and production into the creation of Mariner 9.

Modern Art Notes Podcast

by Shirin Neshat and Kelly Richardson