What’s On

Attenborough Arts Centre

Kelly Richardson: Mariner 9
March 7 – June 28, 2020
Leicester, UK

‘Mariner 9’ returns to the UK this spring in a solo exhibition at the Attenborough Arts Centre.

Meta.Morf X

Meta.Morf X – Digital Wild
March 5 – May 3, 2020
Trondheim, Norway

The sixth Trondheim international biennale for art and technology.

Hestercombe Gallery

Most Admirably Improved by Art
Mar 1 – Jun 28, 2020
Somerset, UK

Bringing together artists who began their careers in drawing and painting, and now through a range of media respond to the landscapes of today.

Somerset House London

Oct 31, 2019 – Feb 23, 2020
London, England

An essential exhibition for today, exploring the non-stop nature of modern life.

Art Gallery of Guelph

The Drive
May 23 – Aug 25, 2019
Guelph, Canada

An exhibition which documents the effects of colonization and our changing relationships to the land.

Images Festival

XL Outer Worlds
April 11 – 18, 2019
Toronto, Canada

The premiere of XL Outer Worlds featuring newly commissioned IMAX films by Lisa Jackson, Oliver Hussain, Kelly Richardson, Michael Snow and Leila Sujir.


In her significant new body of video installations and prints entitled Pillars of Dawn, Richardson imagines a desert landscape in which environmental conditions have crystallized the terrain. Sculpting every branch of each tree and populating the entire landscape with millions of individualised crystals has been a painstaking labour of love. Roughly speaking, there is one crystal in each of the landscapes for every species still alive today. We live in a time when many scientists believe humans are causing the mass extinction of thousands upon thousands of other species; Richardson’s work asks us what it is in the world that has value for humans. In each of the scenarios we encounter, we see a beautiful, empty, crystallised world. It is almost as though all life-forms had been transformed into pure carbon – that is, into the most concentrated forms of pure carbon in the natural world – diamonds. The majesty and infinite wealth of the Earth is revealed, although no humans appear present to appreciate it.


Digital Wild – Meta.Morf X

Published: March, 2020

The sixth Trondheim international biennale for art and technology – ventures into the digital wilderness where the foreseeable has escaped, where control is absent, and agendas, purposes, and occupations are progressively evasive.


Published: January, 2020

Explores the non-stop nature of our lives – a world in which we are sleeping less; where complex systems exert control over us and the pull of the screen disrupts our instincts to daydream and pay attention to the world around us, and each other.