1998 | SD video with audio, dimensions variable, Edition of 5


Canadian Art Magazine, David Jager (feature article)


Out of the Darkness and Into the Sublime, Holy E. Hughes (in Kelly Richardson: The Last Frontier)
Peril, Glee by John Massier (essay for Hallwalls exhibition)

Installation view: Albright Knox Art Gallery

‘Camp’ presents a cliché of outdoor life in 1998. The full moon on a summer evening, in this case, distorted by the heat rising from a hearty crackling campfire. On the fire, popcorn bursts. With each burst, the moon dances. Although simple, the contemplative space it creates continues as a focus 23 years on, particularly with regards to our relationship with the natural world.

In 2021, the promise of what summer brings has changed. See ‘HALO I, II and III’ for the sequels to this work.