2021 – ongoing | 4k video + AR and interactive glb digital sculpture

The Talisman series is part of a larger body of work which salutes endeavours to positively impact our collective futures. The Talismans I-III relate to Journey to the After, a three channel work which presents a panoramic view of a large expanse of water during first or last light that reflects the vibrant colours that fill the sky. Dozens of floating tear gas canisters—the aftermath of a protest—emerge on a spectacular surface while butterflies flutter and rest on the canisters.

The Talisman series consists of videos and digital sculpture experienced through AR and interactive glbs. Along with Journey to the After, the works are grounded in the power of people and protest as fertile ground from which to change our futures.

Radical change comes from radical empathy.

Talisman (III), 4K video, seamless loop, silent

Talisman (II), digital sculpture, AR and interactive glb with auto rotation on displays