2010 | 3 screen, HD video installation, 48′ x 9′ (variable) with audio,
Edition of 3


Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Canada)
Giverny Capital (Canada)


Modern Art Notes Podcast, Shirin Neshat and Kelly Richardson (interview)
Photomonitor, Paul Carey-Kent (review)
Journal of Wild Culture, Tom Jeffreys (review)
This is Tomorrow, James Smith (review)
Corridor8, Rebecca Travis (review)
Canadian Art Magazine, Shannon Anderson (review)
Toronto Star, Murray White (review)
Canadian Art Magazine, Adam O’Reilly (review)
Akimbo, Sue Carter Flinn (review)

Mining the aesthetics of cinema and science fiction, The Erudition presents a lunar-esque looking landscape with what appears to be an unlikely monument or proposal, consisting of holographic trees blowing in fictional wind. Is this slightly malfunctioning display a forgotten site for proposed colonization? Better yet, is this some kind of alien artwork?

“Richardson’s contribution to the genre is both a technical virtuosity and a nerdy ambivalence that doesn’t critique our mediated world so much as take it as a given. As trees flicker and crackle in and out of frame, there’s a sense of a very distant future trying, in its techno-sterile way, to recreate virtually something it never actually knew. Richardson produces a future-world that was, now not so much remembered as stored in the dull chill of a multi-terabyte hard-drive: gone, forgotten, but forever clickable.” Murray Whyte, Toronto Star

Supported by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery Intersection Residency Program
Photo credits: Colin Davison