The connection between humans and their environment has never been so important. The impact of population growth, globalisation, urbanisation, industrialisation and the exhaustion of natural resources is taking its toll on the planet.

Art is a powerful way to start conversations about the climate. A new show at York Art Gallery, part of York Mediale 2020, uses new technologies to show how the human body is inextricably linked to nature. Aesthetica spoke to York Mediale’s Creative Director Tom Higham about the three immersive installations on display, and what the future of digital practice might look like.

A: Why are pieces such as this so important right now – in light of the climate crisis?
TH: Art has the potential to tell stories and connect us to unfathomably important issues, such as the climate crisis. The sheer scale, both physically and temporally, of the challenge we are facing can benefit from the emotive and instinctive power of good art. The process of creating new work together in this time of social distance was one none of us could have predicted. Presenting the contemplative and inspiring visual conversation around the health and climate emergencies that surround us feels more important than ever.

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