Art Basel Miami

Humans + Machines: NFTs and the Ever-Evolving World of Art
December 2 – 4, 2021

Tezos has gained global acclaim as a platform of choice for artists looking to mint NFTs because of its energy-efficient design, passionate artist community and low transaction costs. At Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, Tezos and media artists will be in the spotlight.

Minting an NFT on Tezos uses the equivalent energy of a Tweet or email. Back in April, Kelly Richardson joined The FEN, a coordinated cleanNFT drop on Tezos to raise awareness of the environmental harm of minting on PoW platforms. For Art Basel she joins media artists Mario Kingemann, Matt DesLauriers, Iskra Velitchkova, beesandbombs, Helena Sarin, sutu, Auriea Harvey, Al Crego, LIA, Universal Everything, Eko33, Anna Lucia, Ganbrood, Simon Denny, Kevin Abosch, Henrick Uldalen and Violet Forest.