Kelly Richardson: The Weather Makers
by Christiana Spens for Studio International

“The exhibition’s title, The Weather Makersis taken from the groundbreaking book of the same name, Tim Flannery’s The Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change (2005), which explores the emerging changes –  and destruction – arising from current global warming. While Flannery’s book exposed the reality of climate change, and raised the urgent issue of how to reverse it, Richardson’s work illuminates the consequent existential crisis for humanity. In her meditation on present and future destruction, she encourages us to face an end where narrative has disappeared – where the human experience, and story, is over, and where reality is confined to moments on a loop. She does this so hypnotically and carefully that the effect is profound. It is hard not to keep thinking about these simulated scenes marked by our own absence, as mesmerising and terrifying as they are. The challenge is to snap out of it.”

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